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Cortex Ameba

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:09 pm

Cortex : Vanilla version
The Cortex engine as of the release of Megaloptura is the Microsoft XNA implementation of the engine. It will only compile for Windows and the XBox. However, XNA has been sort of abandon from Microsoft. I blame this mainly on the horrible outcome of IndieLive, which was Microsoft's attempt at letting Indie developers create content for the Xbox. This led to a sea of really bad content.

Cortex : Ameba
As you might already know, an ameba is a one celled organism that has the really cool ability to morph its body into whatever shape it desires. Basically a shape shifter.

Since the abandonment of XNA by Microsoft an entire open source organization called MonoGame has developed an exact replica of the XNA 4.0 framework based on the same Mono concept that is used to mimic .NET on other OS than Windows.

I have been putting of doing this because 90% of the time when you port something to another technology, it never goes smoothly and usually takes a hell of a lot of manipulation to get it to work, if ever. To my shock the Cortex engine ported over cleanly without any code changes in about 3 hours. Given that Cortex is 10's of thousands of lines of code and it worked right out of the gun is impressive.

What this means
In a nutshell, it means that any game we develop using Cortex can instantly be compiled for a number of other OS besides Windows without code changes. So Cortex : Ameba allows games to run on Windows, Xbox, Linux, iOS, Android and even obscure OS such as Raspberry Pie!
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