WIP 00 - I'm finally going to do it

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WIP 00 - I'm finally going to do it

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:23 am

This will be a long post, however I have to set the stage for what I am working on so you can follow along. Thank you for tolerating my ramblings.

Why Post?
For the longest time I haven’t posted, here, or on any other game sites. Primarily because the industry is so saturated with indie developers releasing so much stuff about their projects it is almost (not quite, but almost) pointless. Back in the day when you had to create a game in C and Assembly, I could tell a game news site I was working on something and they would jump through hoops to post the first screenshots. Now that every Tom, Dick, and Harry can download Unity and know little or nothing about software engineering...there is so much content being pumped out that I can’t even get through to the news guys to tell them about a finished product. Having said that, I decided to post my work to this private forum more as a record of what I have done, and not as anything to drum up interest. If it does, great! If not, I will have a record of all my hard work. So if you have read this far...thanks, you’re awsome!

In the Beginning
I was a sophomore when my brother Tony bought a Tandy 1000 SX from Radio Shack. It was cutting edge because it had EGA (well Tandy’s version) instead of the 4 color CGA. Also, Sierra games who had also partnered with Radio Shack had pretty much dominated the entire adventure game scene for those systems. Lucus Arts was around too, but for some reason they never got onboard with Tandy’s 16 color thing, so we never played them. I remember every day coming home from school and immediately booting up and playing Space Quest. That led to a ton more adventure games, and probably why adventure games are my favorite genre.


Game Development
I’ve been in the game industry just under 20 years now and I have seen a lot come and go, but I always like the adventure games the best. Even in the beginning I had said that I wanted to make an adventure game. Unfortunately we worked on many other things, but not the adventure game I always said I would make. I have been threatening for years now that I was going to make one. Well needless to say it was probably good that I didn’t because I didn’t have the discipline, manpower or the tech to pull off the code needed to build what I wanted. Until now :) So without further delay, I am working on one (of many to come). More accurately an entire system to make them.

Adventure Games need a boost
Adventure games have nearly fallen of the face of the Earth, but is now seeing a little resurgence. I was shocked the day that EB Games took “Adventure Games” down as a category due to the lack of content. The majority of the ones that are out, though they are fun, are using very antiquated tech, and not really what I want to see in an adventure game anymore. So instead of bitching about it. I’m going to fix it :D

I have created a proprietary adventure game editor called Legend and a plugin for my Cortex game engine that runs the games created in the editor. The following posts will be covering the development of the prototype and first adventure game. Mainly, like I said, I am posting this to have a record of things so I don’t forget.

~ Randell Trulson
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