WIP 03 - Automated Animation Sequences

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WIP 03 - Automated Animation Sequences

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:29 pm

Hey Everyone,

Trying to get everyone caught up with where I am on our new point and click plug-in for our Cortex Game engine. This is from 03-09-15 so nearly a year ago.

Automated Sequences
One of the things that was incorporated into Cortex even before the Legend adventure game plug-in was thought about is automated sequences. So you can take a sprite, or a 3D model and create customized animation sequences. Each sequence can even be independently dialed in to a custom frame rate completely independent of the games frame rate. So far as the fps doesn't exceed the fps of the entire game.

This feature allows for a sprite or 3D object to be put into a sequence and it will animate on its own. You can even specify styles of animation such as "repeat", "one time only", "ping-pong".... Also if you have two similar sequences such as walking in the video below, you can link them so if the character you are animating has his foot half up, and you switch to another sequence, Cortex will automatically start the next sequence from the delta of the last...so there isn't any stuttering in animation.

This is a sample character made for prototyping the adventure game plugin. He is just the CAT rig from 3DS Max and I painted him blue and we call him "Blue Berry"! :D This video is just a test to show the sequencing of a rig character in action. Accompanied with finite state automata, the Cortex engine does a ton of work for us already! Hope you enjoyed this. I will try to update more frequently so I can get caught up.

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