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Starting a dev blog / diary

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Fri Jun 10, 2016 7:52 pm

Hey everyone, On May the 30th I officially started working on our next game. It will be a point-and-click adventure game called "Absolute Zero". I've decided to start making a blog about my work on it. I'll post a link on our facebook page every time I create an entry and on twitter , but other than that I'm not going to promote the game until there is a ton more content.

When something gets to be of significant interest, say like a finished asset or game scene. I will post it in the "Work in Progress" forum and link it from here.

Basically I need this blog so I can track my own progress and just vent about developing the game. So this is what I have done thus far:

Monday May 30, 2016 - Wednesday June 10, 2016
Legend the point and click adventure game plugin and tool set for our Cortex engine is completed and quite extensive. There is more than 20K lines of code in the project. I'm kinda burned out at the moment on coding. I've created a Wiki to serve 2 purposes.

1) Document how the finite automata states of Legend work and what they do. That way if I ever have to get back in and change something I can see the state machine diagrams and follow them.

2) Document step by step how to create a point and click adventure games using Legend (the WYSIWYG). After all, the point behind creating Legend was to create many adventure games with the highest quality possible in the least amount of time.

After getting tired of documenting, which I will finish up some more next week. I started modeling the first scene of the game. I don't have much to show at this moment, but when I get some stuff I will put it up. That is pretty much it for now.

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