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Moved our site

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:18 pm

Goodbye Verio
Well after more than a decade of having our sites hosted by NTT Verio, we have moved on. This wasn't really out of choice; you see they were bought out by Endurance. From what we learned, very quickly, Endurance is one of those huge conglomerate companies that just goes around like a greedy pig gobbling up any company it can find. In their case any company in hosting. Like most giants, they could give a shit about quality of service. Seems like the bigger the company, the more they suck.

After Verio got bought shit started going down hill fast. To start with, they sent us a notice saying they were moving us to a new server. Fine...whatever....A week later they sent us a notice saying they were having trouble moving us to the new server and we should move it ourselves or all our information would be deleted. :? Eh, yeah...because that will keep your customers. We logged into our account to try and see what was going on, only to learn we couldn't because the "Account was migrated" I couldn't even log in. So we contacted support and noticed that all the Toms and Sallys of tech support were now Abduwalamire and Aknod...great....All with boiler plate scripted responses to everything. Which makes me wonder, wouldn't a phone AI / Seri type answering service do a better job? At least I could pronounce their names and understand them when they talk. Anyhow, we started getting all sorts of bizarre messages of overages and and stupid shit. So we just canned them.

Goodbye Network Solutions
Yet another change we made is domain services. We used NS for years....they were one of the original domain services from back in the early 90's. However, their pricing hasn't kept up with the times. As a matter of fact they charge more now than back then. To register a domain is like $39 a year. Which is totally retarded when tons of sites will give you your first domain free with a 10 dollar a year renewal fee. So NS, you can piss off as well.

Everything Is Working
We had some issues with things not working, as could be expected with all these changes. However, I think we have everything up and running again. If you find something that isn't working, or a broken link....whatever...let us know.
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