Construction Underway!

Our first point-n-click adventure game based on our Cortex / Legend game engine.

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Construction Underway!

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:41 pm

I am currently working very hard building our new point-n-click adventure game, Absolute Zero. Right now I am finishing up the graphics for the menu system. The least pleasurable part of development, yet the part that will be seen on a continuous basis while playing it. So it is important to get it looking good :)

Bulding a Library
Unfortunately I won't be posting any images of the work for a bit. The reason is that these games take a considerable amount of time to develop, and it is easy for the public to loose interest. Especially if there are gaps between updates. So we are building a library of "The Making Of Absolute Zero". When the game is close to completion and we are entering the testing phase we will start releasing this content for the world to see. Hopefully this will be quicker than you might think.

Beta Testing
When we reach the testing phase, and we are satisfied with out "unit testing", we will be looking for BETA testers for the game. If you are interested, please contact us either through our contact form on Neuron's main website, or private message us on our facebook page, or private message on my own facebook page.

Beta Qualifications
Please keep in mind that there will be a lot of requests to be a BETA tester. Many of those will be people who simply want to play the game. Unfortunately we can't just distribute the game to anyone that "wants to play" the game. So we will be looking for people with qualified gaming experience, and even some with software development and Q&A experience. Thank you for understanding.
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