Really good C# tutorials

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Really good C# tutorials

PostPosted by Randell of Neuron » Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:47 am

Most of the time when people learn a language on their own they get a book like "Teach Yourself C++ in 24h" or something. (Even though I don't think it is possible to go through one of those books and understand it in 24h) :P

Anyhow I was looking at some YouTube videos and found them to be more helpful than the books really. I found this series on C# that is super good and covers stuff that I haven't even seen in an O'Rielly book! Anyhow, this is the best C# video series I have found. This guy also has tons of other series on ASP.NET, LINQ, SQL...blah blah blah

Learn C# Playlist on YouTube

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